Asset Management

Accurate IT Service can handle all of your electronic recycling needs. We also offer remarketing of older computer equipment. If your old equipment has a market value, we can offer your company a flat rate for complete buyout of your product or we can remarket the product paying your company a percentage of the sale price.

Secure Pickup and Logistics

We use a network of truck drivers and freight services to pick freight up all over the nation. Accurate IT Services specializes in companies of all sizes across the United States. If you are an Ohio company, we can send over a professional staff to assist in removal services. We are able to work around your schedule, providing you with the ability to tailor your recycling needs.

Creation of a Serialized Inventory List

We provide a certificate of recycling to every customer. Upon customer request, Accurate IT Services can also provide a detailed inventory list of equipment picked up. It will contain each item’s brand, model, serial number, asset tag number(s), and more customized for your company specifically. This service is available for a nominal fee.

Processing and Testing

We process, sort, and test your equipment at our warehouse. We test for functionality, repair equipment if needed and break down scrap equipment. Everything is sorted and prepared for disassembly and remarketing.

Secure Data Destruction and Sanitization

Data security is our number one priority. Accurate IT Services will render the hard drive inert upon arrival and processing before sent for physical destruction. We provide you with a certificate of data destruction with our guarantee that your data has been thoroughly destroyed. We can use Department of Defense (DOD) software to destroy all data on left on your hard drives, or physical destruction of the drive. Shredding services are available at a minimal charge.

De-manufacturing and Recycling of Scrap Materials

Accurate IT Services demanufactures non-functioning equipment at our Columbus, Ohio warehouse. Computers, printers, monitors, and other electronics are broken down into their base components: steel, aluminum, plastic, circuit boards, glass, and copper. We then work with a handful of licensed downstream vendors to recycle the separated scrap materials.

Remarketing of Equipment

Upon determination of a market value, we also remarket equipment to end users and wholesalers worldwide. All equipment is thoroughly tested for functionality and refurbished by experienced technicians. Through our expansive approach to remarketing, we are able to provide quality refurbished equipment to residents, businesses, schools, and other organizations for a fraction of retail price.