Data Security


Like physical assets, information or data plays a crucial role in modern day business. When that stored data or information is no longer required, it needs to be disposed of very carefully. Essentially, personal computers, laptops, and office computers are used for all kinds of things, from financial record to information about customers, stakeholders, and even personal information. All of this data is stored on the hard drive and, although it may be deleted, it can still be recovered. Confidential information of this nature could be leaked, causing serious problems to businesses and residents alike.


One of the most important standards used in dealing with data destruction is the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Guidelines for Media Sanitization (Special Publication 800-88). This standard provides organizations with a strong principle for making practical and universal sanitization decisions based on the level of confidentiality of their information. Breaking down media Sanitization into three distinct categories, Wiping, Purging, and Destruction, it allows organizations to determine the level of data destruction they feel most comfortable with. In following the NIST standard, Accurate IT Services ensures our customers that their data destruction needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.

Why Us?

At Accurate IT Services, data security is our number one priority. We understand that sensitive information could be compromised if storage devices are not handled in an appropriate and responsible manner. This is why we hold a standard operating procedure for data security, which includes rendering all storage devices physically inert upon our processing stage through disfigurement, dismantling, and recycling. As well, all asset tags, serial numbers, and company information and data are removed. This process is documented through our certificates of data destruction, which are provided to customers upon processing. For a minimal fee, we also use Department of Defense (DoD) software to purge all information contained on storage devices on top of our free physical destruction. Our data destruction procedures are tested on a periodic basis by a third-party and receive full

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