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Many states have recently developed regulations stating that certain non-working and obsolete electronic products must be treated as hazardous waste if intended for disposal. However, Ohio is not one of those states. As of 2008, ten states have state legislation regarding the disposal of e-waste. Furthermore, obsolete electronics that contain Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) and mercury are considered hazardous waste under federal regulations. However, these regulations do not apply to “small quantity generators” like household sources of electronics. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to throw electronic waste in the trash in most states.

At Accurate IT Services, we handle e-waste in a responsible manner, having ISO 14001 and R2 standards in place to ensure our electronics recycling operation goes above and beyond state and federal regulations. When you are recycling that old computer, laptop, or printer, consider Accurate IT Services and their dedication to the environment, worker safety, and public health.

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