Walk to Recycle

While many electronics recycling companies promote complete destruction of e-waste, Accurate IT Services takes a different approach to recycling. As stated in our Environmental Policy Statement, found at http://ait-recycle.com/recycling-standards-a-policy, Accurate IT believes that the most important form of recycling is the reuse of equipment.

The reuse of properly functioning refurbished equipment should never be an issue when determining an electronics recycler. Accurate IT Services guarantees complete data destruction and indemnifies the customer against any liability. All materials are processed and refurbished in accordance with the Responsible Recycling (R2) Management Standard.

Furthermore, there are many advantages when it comes to buying refurbished equipment. For instance, it’s less expensive. It is important to note that, while it is less expensive, the quality of the equipment is important. That is why Accurate IT Services’ LCD Monitors, Computers, and Laptops undergo rigorous testing for complete functionality before going onto the market.